Exciting new information about Capture His Heart

Folks, it’s official!

Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever is the best selling Internet relationship and advice program of 2014!

And no wonder, because as you have seen below, it contains all the information that women need to establish great relationship with a man, ensure that he stays interested after that initial period of exciting romantic sex is over, and indeed offers the greatest chance of long-term relationship that ends in marriage.

photo1 (1)Truly, there can be very that few other Internet programs on dating and relationships which are as accurate, poignant, and to the point as this one.

I made the observation below that Claire Casey and Mike Fiore are two of our most distinguished authors in the fields of relationships and sexual advice, and so they are — but this time they have exceeded even the high expectations that we had after Text Your Ex Back was published!

Capture His Heart is simply the most successful relationship advice for women that I’ve ever seen. Claire Casey is a very shrewd individual who knows the motivations of women looking for a relationship inside out, and Michael Fiore is a very shrewd Internet marketer who knows how to bring this information to a wider public.

Together they form a powerful force to the benefit of all those who want to improve the quality of their romantic relationships, the quality of their emotional communication, and the degree of intimacy that supports their relationship.

So, as you will by now have gathered, I am a real fan of this program, but to represent real value for money, there needs to be some scientific proof of the principles that are outlined in it.

Flirt-Through-Text-MessagesThe problem is, of course, the scientific research on something as vague as the concepts and ideas that bring people together is not common. I have, however, found the following information that broadly supports the information and principles set out in capture his heart and making a man love you forever.

It turns out that among 68 couples who met by means of the Internet, the predominant features that predicated a successful outcome to the meeting, where the relationship was successful and continue to sometime after the meeting were as follows:

First of all, was the meeting place, where a couple met online

Second, the obstacles overcome by the couples, such as distance and previous relationships

Third, The next factor was the most important, it was the amount of time spent writing or talking to each other before they actually met together in the real world because this predicated how intimate they became afterwards

Fourth, The couple’s ability to successfully resolve conflict by means of communication was the fourth critical factor in establishing a successful relationship.

It transpires that people are met in places with common interests, spent a long time talking and discussing issues of interest before meeting, who were able to meet successfully and easily, and who had good conflict resolution skills were want to establish the most successful relationships.

So no mystery or surprise then that these are the factors that actually account for the great success of relationships formed from couples meeting by means of capture his heart and make him love you forever!

Looking for a relationship? How about texting him to see if he’s your man?

picture of claire casey author of capture his heart and make him love you foreverAmong all the the information available on the Internet about relationships, there is comparatively little information about the best way to sustain a relationship, once you’ve actually met someone.

The reason for this is probably that most of us are concerned with the initial stage of actually how to meet somebody. And yet when you think about it, this is the least difficult of all aspects of conducting a successful relationship.

Building trust, establishing intimacy, learning to get along with somebody else in a way that doesn’t activate your Emotional wounds so that you get into conflict difficulty with your partner — all of these things are the more difficult aspect of sustaining an intimate physical and/or sexual relationship.

So where is information going to come from unless you have some kind of counsellor or therapist who can advise you on this stuff? The answer of course, as you may have guessed, is from the Internet.

Although, as I have stated, there is a shortage of information that is reliable and trustworthy about the mechanics of sustaining a relationship, the fact is that if you look hard enough you will find good dating advice and relationship advice freely available,

So in amongst the quality dating tips for women, I have found a program called Text Your Ex Back, which has been written by a couple of people that are well-known on Internet dating and relationship advice sites: Michael Fiore and Claire Casey.

image of lovers enjoying each others companyYou can find out a lot more about keeping your relationship going by texting if you search for either text your ex back or text the romance back or texting to love.

I would like to think, however, that I can save you the difficulty of searching for reliable information about this dating and relationship advice program, by simply referring you to one of my own sites which describes in detail what you will find in this program called Text Your Ex Back – relationship advice for women.

However, to give you the low-down, what you’ll find is information that explains in terms that women can understand the basic aspects of male behaviour, including what drives their interest in a relationship, what motivates them to pursue a woman, what excites them in a woman, and what they conclude about certain aspects of female behaviour such as having sex on the first date, or being the first person in a relationship to say “I love you.”

It’s a truism, I think, that men and women behave differently, and that perhaps neither sex fully understands the other. As part of a coming together in relationship, essential information about the behaviour, thoughts, and feelings of the other sex can greatly enhance the chances of success of a relationship succeeding over the long-term, as opposed to simply providing a flush of using a stick excitement in the initial weeks and months.

image of lover using the dating advice in Capture His HeartIt’s for this reason that of all of the programs available on the Internet, I thoroughly recommend Text Your Ex Back as the one most likely to sustain a successful relationship. I thoroughly recommend it to you for this reason alone: that Mike Fiore and Claire Casey are relationship experts who can provide you with the answers to questions that will inevitably come up for you as you enter into an intimate relationship with another person.


Emotions and feelings

Lack of touch leads to confusion when learning the language of our senses, so that we lose this building block of emotional intelligence. The senses may shut down and the child retreats into the mind, into fantasy and imagination.

The young child is learning about sensations, feelings, and action and reaction in its world. If its hunger is not met, or its need for touch not held, or if the child is shamed or rejected for its needs, then it may seem to the child that its senses are not giving it the right information, and so distrusting its senses it shuts them down.

This deflation in feelings runs to excess in the mind as the child tries to use its mind to cope. This leaves the child disconnected and alone which can continue into its life, leading to many lacks in connection, and a tendency to misjudge situations based and sole assessment by the mind.

Frigidity and fear of sex. Denial and guilt around our sexuality blocks our pleasure and transformation, forcing it into shadow where it desperately seeks connection at any cost. This results it lack of desire, passion and excitement. It may lead us to suppress passion and excitement as childish and lead us to control it with our will.

Puritan. Guilt and shame about pleasure and denial of enjoyment. Its not OK to feel good. Guilt takes away the pleasure, freezes it off and tries to control what I am doing. If I am guilty about eating I don’t get any satisfaction from it, or I am not fed by it and want to do it again.

Guilt is the prison guard keeping this need or pleasure away from us, leading to compulsive repetition as this pleasure instinct, having received no satisfaction, tries to break out and leading the guard to tighten control. If we feel shame we are likely to shame others for their feelings, flowingness, body, sexuality, or their childlike stuff

Guilt polarises us, between good and bad, fights light against dark. The more we punish ourselves with guilt and try for perfect behaviour the more our feelings rebel and fight to get out.

Criticising those who are in the arena instead of having the courage to enter the arena ( be vulnerable ) ourselves.

Refusing to be vulnerable, to look silly, to expose ourselves, to take off our armour.
Conflict between our sexuality and our spirituality. Needing to overcome desire, renounce sexuality and rise above our feelings in order to be spiritual instead of seeing the two as a whole enhancing each other.

Abandonment. Cold. Alone. Icy. A result of not having full contact as a child, of not being met fully. Abandon a child and it will die. Being cast out of the tribe is the worst thing to happen.

Sex, love and romance

This time you do it with your thighs. When a man comes on too strong and too hard and starts banging, just squeeze your thighs, which will clamp around his hips and keep his body from ramming your body, and slow him down. Slowly, as he finds out he can’t “bang” you because you won’t allow it, he’ll start to ease up his attack because he really can’t do anything else.

Now when I say squeeze your thighs, I mean take control. You have some very strong thigh muscles there that are hardly ever used, and the more you use them, the stronger they get. When you squeeze your thighs, you also control how much of his penis you allow inside you. Not only will he not be able to ram you, he will only be able to go in as much and as far as you want. So you can tease yourself with his penis and do all the things that he will do to you, only now you’re in charge. It’s not as super-duper as when he does it all, but you definitely can have an orgasm this way, and he will undoubtedly eventually become aware of what you want and what pleasures you.

Once you have shown a man that you know what you want, and he starts to pick up on it, and he knows that you know what you want, and he begins, gently and lovingly, to move in and out, you can begin to relax and let him take over.

And every time you make love and show him what you want and how you want it, he will subconsciously begin to remember, so that each time he’ll bang a little less hard and you won’t have to flex those thigh muscles as hard. Eventually (hopefully after only the first time, but maybe it’ll take two or more times), he will totally understand how you don’t want him to bang you, and how you do want him to make love to you in a really teasy and loving way.

When a woman is physically relaxed, she will be mentally and emotionally relaxed, too. If he gets too rough again, just flex those thigh muscles to signal him to gentle it (not that maybe later you won’t want it a little stronger, but you start with it teasy). Then, as he gently and lovingly and teasingly makes love, you can relax and begin to surrender yourself to him, slowly, as he will to you. Sexual surrender is the ultimate in trust—and the ultimate in pleasure. When you’re totally open physically, trusting mentally, and vulnerable emotionally is when the rockets explode.
And exploding rockets with the one you love is what life is all about!


I’m a total romantic. I believe in everything romantic. I believe love is the most important thing in the world. I know it is for me.

Whenever I talk about sex, I mean sex with love. Without love, sex is an exercise—a pleasant one, to be sure—but still just an exercise.
Aah, but sex with love … that’s the greatest experience in the world—bar none! I can’t think of one thing that feels better physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Now the ability to love is something we all have, but not all of us use it. There are lots of reasons for this. We’re afraid, we’re tense, we’re angry, we’re anxious, we’re depressed. Unfortunately, all of these negatives keep us from being loving. So it’s up to all of us to try as hard as we can to get rid of all the negs in our lives.

So I don’t want to talk about feeling loving, but feeling loved. Receptive to love. Opening yourself to love. Not feeling guilty or unworthy of love.

Here is my emotional exercise that I do every day of my life to help me feel loved.

Every morning, at the end of my twenty situps on my slant-board, I just lie there and close my eyes and totally relax (if you don’t have a slant-board, you can lie flat on your bed, without a pillow.) Then I remember emotionally what it was like when someone really loved me (mother, father, husband, wife—it makes no difference who, but you must remember the feeling of being loved, the wonderful physical glow, and warmth, and open feeling, of someone truly loving you).

This takes real concentration and you must be relaxed, but it’s really fun. Just be still and go back in time and remember incidents of being held by your mother, or hugged by your dad, or praised by either one of them. You might remember lying on a beach as a kid, under a warm sky, and seeing your mother or dad, and feeling secure and warm and loved with them sitting nearby. It doesn’t matter how you recapture the feeling of being loved, as long as something in your past warms you and opens you up emotionally in its memory.

While doing this, it’s very important to smile broadly, because that’ll help you to feel loved and happy. Again, you don’t force a smile when you feel truly loved, you can’t help but smile! So when you’re relaxed and smiling, you’ll know the right feeling is there.

My biggest problem was that I never felt I deserved anything. I felt only guilt for wanting good things for myself. Maybe it was my super-religious upbringing with hell and guilt, etc., or maybe it came from somewhere else, but there it was, coloring everything I did. No wonder I repelled myself from getting good things from my life-1 didn’t feel I deserved them. But doing this emotional exercise every day, and without exception, makes me know I’m loved.

Sexual Pleasure for Women

“Should intercourse be taken literally—orgasms that occur during penetration—or generally—orgasms that occur during a sexual episode, including manual or oral stimulation? The distinction is not trivial for the millions of women who are easily orgasmic by mouth, hand, and vibrator but for whom the penis is just a pleasant accompaniment to the blissful harmonies.”

“I have conducted my own little survey and I do not have one friend or acquaintance who has ever had a “real” orgasm through intercourse—only through clitoral stimulation. . . ”

“I have never had an orgasm during sexual intercourse. To have an orgasm, I must have cunnilingus or manual clitoral stimulation. I know of women today who are faking orgasm during intercourse because they are too embarrassed to tell their husbands or lovers that no matter how long they keep their erection, they just can’t make her have an orgasm. Please, please discuss this when you print the results of your survey! . . .”

Dr. Seymour Fisher, who wrote The Female Orgasm, did a study of over three hundred women, and of these women, 80 percent said they needed masturbation during intercourse in order to have an orgasm.

Alfred Kinsey of the “Kinsey Report” (Sexual Behavior in the Human Female) reported that “the techniques of masturbation and of petting are more specifically calculated to effect orgasm than the techniques of coitus itself.” Kinsey says that for most women, intercourse alone always or almost always results in no orgasm, and that intercourse with masturbation for these same women almost always results in orgasm.

Dr. Debora Phillips, who wrote Sexual Confidence, says:

A woman is less likely to have an orgasm during intercourse than through manual or oral stimulation. (For those who would rush into intercourse as the goal of lovemaking, it’s interesting to note that many women actually experience a decline in sexual pleasure with penetration.) ”

Dr. Helen Singer Kaplan, Dr. David Reuben, and Masters and Johnson, have all written about masturbation as a means of attaining orgasm during intercourse for most women who cannot climax without it.

So—your mate is a lousy lover who won’t admit it or change, you found out you don’t have to masturbate during intercourse, and you’re not going to fake it anymore. What are you going to do?

You are now going to take charge of the situation, and by doing this, control your love life and be sexually satisfied every time you make love.
Of course, solving your own problem by yourself is not as sensational as having a loving partner who tries to change and become a better lover because he accepts and admits the fact that he’s inept. Listen, almost every man is, so it’s nothing to be ashamed about. He never wanted to be, and till now he didn’t really realize that he was inept.

But your problem now is that you are in love with a real BIG BANG artist, and he can’t (or won’t) accept the fact that he’s a terrible lover. And you’re so much in love with him that you want to stick with him, awful lover or not. So what do you do?

Well, first of all, you don’t tell him he’s inept. In fact, no woman should ever tell her man that he’s been a bad lover. Even if you’ve been faking it for thirty-five years, don’t ever tell him that. Why hurt him now?

After all, he wasn’t inept deliberately, and you didn’t know what to tell him to do either, right? The point is you can’t do anything about the past—if s all over with and you can’t recapture all those missed ecstasies—so let’s start with NOW. Again, hopefully he’s read this book and is now a fantastic lover (it’s so easy to be one once you know what to do and what not to do).

If your husband is not a take-charge kind of guy, you can give yourself an orgasm using his penis. Start by turning him on and gently sucking his penis and watching it grow bigger and bigger, till it’s now all nice and wet. Then lie down next to him and let him turn you on by super gently teasing your nipples with his lips and driving you crazy with desire (and you must let him know that the softer his lips are, the bigger the turn-on). Now get in the missionary position (he’s on top).

Take his erect penis and gently rub your clit. Have him continue to softly (very softly) suck your nipples as you keep rubbing your clit with his erect wet cock (this will feel very sexy to him as you get more and more aroused). You won’t believe how sexy playing with yourself with his penis will feel, and how close to an orgasm you will feel from the very beginning.

Keep it up till you have a clit orgasm (close to heaven); then as you’re orgasming, put his penis inside you and as he starts to move in and out (you’ll find your own rhythm and so will he), you will have another orgasm. But this second one will be a vaginal orgasm and stronger than the first, and this is heaven! You may even have more than one and they will keep getting stronger. It’s an incredible experience, not as great as if he plays with your clit with his penis, but a close second. Both of you will have the best orgasm you’ve ever had, and something to look forward to is that it gets even better when he decides to take charge of your body.

And now here’s even another way a woman can control her sexual destiny and have a climax every time with a man who hasn’t picked up on, or refuses to learn, teasing.