Dieting and visualization

You might be wondering what the connection could possibly be between two such different subjects, but almost anything you set out to achieve in life requires you to form a mental image of what you’re trying to achieve as your desired outcome.

It’s no different whether this is dieting or whether it’s trying to achieve a certain outcome around your job or your finances – everything you wish to achieve in life begins as an idea, and to bring it into physical or emotional reality, it must take the form of a mental image in your brain.

Even if you don’t realize you’re doing this, I can assure you that everything you “program” to appear on the face on the face of the planet is in fact manifested through a process which involves you turning a mental idea, a thought, a blueprint if you like, into an image that your mind can use as a blueprint in a practical sense.

This is the essence of visualization; it’s also the essence of manifestation. Now, I want to take as an example of how this process works a recent case of a client of mine who decided that she wanted to lose four stone.

She was grossly overweight, her husband wasn’t finding her attractive, and she wasn’t able to enjoy sex because she couldn’t maneuvre into the positions that she and her husband had previously enjoyed.

Of course you might think that one of the issues here is why she’d actually allowed herself to “go to seed” in this way.

And in one sense I completely agree with you – certainly conventional analysis of the situation would have us looking at the historical antecedents of her fatness, for example emotional issues that had made her want to eat more, any disruption in her relationship with her husband that was causing her distress, and which might be soothed by eating, and so on and so forth.

But the reality of the situation was that she’d become fat – even obese – because she’d developed a habit of eating. In a way she was distracting herself from the reality of the fact that her life wasn’t quite what she wanted. Her sadness, in other words.

Make no bones about this! It’s a lot easier to distract yourself with comfort food, drink or drugs, perhaps, than it is to set about changing your life by getting to grips with the essence of what you want and putting in the mental energy, the time, and perhaps sometimes the money as well, to find ways of moving yourself on course towards your final goal.

When I say this, it sounds perhaps a little bit moralistic or puritanical, but the truth is we’re all individually responsible for what happens to us, and we are never going to achieve anything in life if we sit back and wait for others to bring things to us. Life ain’t like that!

If you are a leader in your own life, you’re going to be a person who manifests the reality that you want – and when I say manifest, I literally mean to bring into being.

With a process of visualization and clear expectation, by putting into place definite expectations around what you’re going to achieve, you can program your brain to get it for you.

Of course, you need to form a plan, then take action in the world; by doing so, you’re going to be able to manifest whatever you want with a high expectation of success.

After all these are the techniques and programs that have been used for generations, from as far back as the time of Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich.

Napoleon Hill set out many useful and extremely helpful ways of visualizing objectives, including the use of a mastermind group, the internal use of mental counselors and advisors, and the formation of a fixed mental image which is your goal or desired outcome.

These principles are as valid today as they were when he set them out in his book.

Now: back to my client, the woman who wanted to lose four stone! She had gained this weight by eating crisps and chips, chocolates and sweets, and other things that manifestly were not good for her.

She did this to soothe herself and forget the fact that her life was not running perfectly.

The first thing, therefore, about which we talked was the essence of establishing a reason why she wanted to change her life.

A motivating force, an emotional reason that had a lot of energy behind it…. one which allowed her to say with truth and honesty: “This is the reason I want to change my life.”

For her it was this: “I don’t want to die early. My children wouldn’t ever see me again.”

And having found something as powerful as this, with the energy of motivation behind it, she had a very good reason to change her life in a very positive (and quick) way!

The next stage was to get an image in her mind of what she wanted to achieve: and that too was easy, she wanted to manifest of reduction in weight of four stone.

She wanted to get into the clothes that she had previously been able to wear and now couldn’t. She wanted to move her life forward by going back to fitness classes.

Don’t forget all this was propelled by the motivation of not wanting to cause her children the distress of her dying early from being overweight.

We worked together on sessions of visualization where she pictured vividly in her mind and imagined the manifestation of her new-found fitness, her new shape, and her attractiveness to her husband – who needless to say, joined enthusiastically into this program (since he realized the likelihood of her losing weight would be that not only was she more attractive, but she would be fitter, and more desirous of engaging in sexual intercourse).

By repeatedly visualizing her timescale – losing 4 pounds every week – it was indeed only a matter of months before she’d reached her desired weight.

Whether or not you choose to use the word “manifestation” about this, the truth is that the law of attraction is based on exactly these principles.

And the law of attraction is something by which you can manifest whatever you want, easily and quickly, regardless of the limitations you might put on yourself.

Indeed, the law of attraction is the essence of visualisation and manifestation in all its forms.

If you’d like to know more about it, the truth of the matter is that you can be literally happy well and rich if you click here!



The Tao Of Badass

Only by withstanding the urge to ejaculate, allowing your arousal to drop, and then repeating the experience several more times, will your staying power increase.

And you’ll also find that your ability to gauge how sexually aroused you are rapidly increases as well.

Clearly, commitment is important. But this is one of the simplest and most effective techniques which you can use to extend the length of time for which you can receive sexual stimulation without having an orgasm.

The object of this exercise is to discover ways that you can use to stimulate yourself to half an hour without having an ejaculation.

Bring yourself to the point where you feel you may ejaculate and then stop several times in the half- hour. When you’re satisfied with your level of self-control you can actually enjoy your orgasm and ejaculation.

Although it’s a simple exercise it is extremely powerful, and it will enable you to make love for at least 5 minutes with your partner before you ejaculate.

Furthermore, if you do something similar while you’re actually enjoying sex with your partner, you’ll be able to find an ability to last longer which you never suspected you possessed.

How to Develop Tantric or Taoist Sexuality

Tantric sexuality gives you more than just those famous whole body orgasms and long lasting sex without ejaculation.

When you develop true Tantric sexuality, your energy, sensual awareness and quality of life will all improve.

Great sex requires practice, time and attention; when you have a busy, stressful lifestyle, your sex life is often the first thing that disappears. But this is the time you need the endless energy of Tantra most.

It can provide guaranteed rolling orgasms and emotional fulfillment, mingled with whole body orgasms and heart to heart connection with your lover… can enjoy sensory orgasm that shake their whole body without the loss of energy that ejaculation produces, and both sexes can expand their orgasms from local genital contraction and throbbing to wonderful waves of energy throughout the whole body.

In the most experienced practitioners, such expanded orgasms take energy from the genitals up through the body, heart and finally into the crown of the head.

But just what is tantra? Tantric sexuality originated in India, among the Hindus, who saw it as a direct route to spiritual enlightenment. In the West, it’s become more practical and less spiritual – sexual techniques that reflect our search for greater sexual satisfaction.

Now, I must say that it is not directly described in the Tao Of Badass, but this information is extremely important, and with a little skill you can combine the dating tips for men which you read about in Badass with the sex techniques you read about here and come up with a complete system for seducing and enjoying sexual relationships with woman.

Even so, learning Tantric techniques will help you live a more satisfying life. For couples who have lost the desire for sex, making it a priority will awaken their libido.

The Tantric philosophy is that a powerful current of sexual energy flows from the universe into the female genitals, and is then available to dispel blockages in the Chakras, thereby allowing a man or woman to experience a much more free emotional state, and indeed to eventually connect with their own spirituality – and that of their sexual partner.

But even if you don’t believe that, Tantric sexuality will provide sensual pleasure and immense sexual fulfillment. The video above shows how you can extend orgasdm – and, when you review the techniques in the tao of badass, you will see at once the potential for truly fulfilling sexual relationships.

If you bring Tantric or Taoist sexual practices into your bedroom, you’ll find that your whole relationship becomes more fulfilling, and love-making lasts much longer – indeed, orgasms lasting for hours are not uncommon.

Remember, a badass is always a very good lover, who can keep a woman on the edge of pleasure for hours…. and that’s besides having skills to pick up women, attract women, romance women, and keep women loving them.

As your sexual & spiritual connection with yourself and your partner deepens, your sexual desire sex increases and you become much more open to joy.

So what are these techniques? Before you try tantric sex, it’s a good idea to energise your body through dance or sexual movement (try belly dancing!) and then to move into a calmer more meditative space.

You should harmonise your breathing by lying side by side, man behind the woman, his chest against her back. You breathe together and harmonize Chakra energy as you do so. This increases intimacy and connection.

That is also what the tao of badass is trying to convey to men – the importance of giving women great pleasure during every aspect of a relationship, to feed her soul and keep her happy: the rewards then accumulate in terms of sexual pleasure for the badass – that’s you, in case you didn’t know it!

There is also an exercise to open your hearts to each other: sit in the Yab Yum position, cross legged, woman in the man’s lap, and place your hands on each other’s heart.

Breathe out, and let the energy flow in and out of each other as you breathe simultaneously – man breathes out and woman breathes in; women breathes out and man breathes in; and so on.

Allow your breathing to slow down and your tension to drop away. This way you can harmonise with each other. Sit cross legged, facing each other, and allow your hearts to open and connect, before sex.

The best way to stimulate sexual desire for both sexes is to spend much more time on foreplay: at least half an hour of gentle pleasuring.

You can use the Tantric caressing breath exercise, which involves softly blowing over your lover’s naked skin, or you can stimulate the skin with feathers or your fingertips. This awakens the senses to a new level of physical arousal – a necessary precursor of emotional and mental arousal.

A woman can use some esoteric tantric techniques to increase a man’s desire by dancing for him, or skillfully massaging his penis (his Lingam, in tantric sex terms) from the base up towards the glans, all the while fondling his scrotum in her other hand.

Small circular motions are best, gliding along the penis shaft, while her man breathes slowly and regularly.

Such Badass exercises prepare a couple to develop Taoist or Tantric sexuality; and meditating regularly will help switch off the busy mind and let it go. The nature of being a badass towards women is great conviction about your role as a male sexual master who can take a woman to orgasm and give her the pleasure she craves.

For a woman, total surrender is important to fully give and receive sexual energy: a great Tantric technique is to relax into climax while masturbating: this means not tensing the muscles of your thighs and pelvis to achieve orgasm, but gently bringing yourself to the edge of climax, then letting go and melting into the orgasm.

The sensory stimulation you already received and the surrender to sexual energy help generate conditions in which waves of pleasure can spread throughout your being.


Create a sexual, sensory ambience in the bedroom with gentle music. Gradually stimulate your lover visually by dancing, and then awaken his other senses by blindfolding your lover and feeding him small pieces of fruit, draping soft cloths over his body, stroking his skin with feathers and fur or silk. Such techniques seduce a man like no other – these are dating tips for men of the highest order. Badass can’t out do them, and neither cna years of practice.

Next, connect by eye gazing: sit opposite each other, with no words and gaze into each other’s eyes while breathing in and out. Allow your heart to fill with love for your partner. Finally channel sexual energy from your pelvis up to meet the love filling your heart.

In Tantric sexuality, you can use touch to stimulate each other. The man will give his partner a yoni massage – the vulva and internal G spot area – and also stimulate her clitoris when she is aroused.

A man can caress a woman’s clitoris with his thumb while his middle finger rhythmically strokes his partner’s G spot. Such techniques are the essence of the Badass man’s sexual repertoire….

As the woman, you control Taoist or Tantric sexuality, whether you consider yourself a badass or not, since you are the source of the sexual energy. When you’re fully aroused, have your partner enter you.

Become a Badass yourself ensure that you can please your sexual partner! and The best way to exchange energy is to sit upright, cross legged, and to intensify sexual energy by visualising it moving from the woman’s Yoni to the man’s lingam, then up his belly and down his back before passing it back through the genitals to the crown of your head.

Tantric sexuality a is a mysterious subject – no wonder, as Tantra is a spiritual concept, and when applied to sex it invokes a different dimension to the purely physical side of sex. The spiritual aspect of male and female connection is summed up in the badass philosophy of trying to ensure your partner’s needs are met in bed and out of it.

To embrace Tantric sexuality makes you more unified. You connect with your innate sensual spirituality, which can help you discover parts of yourself that have been hidden, denied and repressed.

And you can use Tantric energy for sexual pleasure and awareness.

Familiarity with Tantric sexuality can also help you enjoy your sex life to the maximum potential. It can dispel guilt or fear, and Tantric sexuality can break down self-imposed or taboos and cultural limitations or boundaries such as sexual shame (which is common in most Western societies).

Tantric sexuality teaches men and women about the mystical nature of humanity, and in doing so expands our boundaries (sexual and personal). With Tantric sex you can enter new realms of spiritual and sensual awareness, you can become more empowered, and you can feel more fulfilled. But best of all, perhaps, the orgasms you experience are incredible, both explosive and – for men and women alike – potentially unending. Now, isn’t Tantric sexuality worth trying? Isn’t the Tao Of Badass review worth a shot, too?

Tantra is about sexual freedom. Tantric sex involves total surrender of all conditioning and beliefs – mental, emotional, social and cultural – so that universal vital energy can take you as it flows freely through your body.

Tantric sexual energy expands consciousness as well as liberating it from conventional constraints of mind and body.

Tantric sexuality regards sexual energy as a natural part of humanity – something to be celebrated. Tantra does not deny sex, in fact it embraces it. Indeed, Tantric philosophy is the only spiritual way that regards sex as sacred rather than sinful.

Getting a Great Relationship Might Be Easier Than You Think

And I say that because you have the power of manifestation, the Law of Attraction at your disposal! The law of attraction is also known as the Law of Creation, and it’s the way in which people can manifest their desires.

What is the Law of Creation?

How To Get Goals You Desire

It’s definitely a fascinating, amazing and extraordinary thought, but we do have the natural and God-given capacity to manifest our objective situation, Our physical reality, in the world around us.

What I want you to fundamentally understand is that provided you have adequate commitment, and and that you can also adopt the appropriate spiritual conditions which the universe demand should be satisfied, you, like all of us can really manifest the physical reality that you  wish for on earth around us.

And that includes having a fantastic relationship.

A lot of people ridicule this, often the ones who have been disappointed many times in life by not getting what they want. And as a result many of us don’t believe in The Laws of Creation (which for the sake of completeness are also called the Cosmic Laws of Attraction). Read more about the Law of Attraction and the Law of Creation here

What a tragedy! Because if you look at history throughout mankind’s development what you see is that throughout every civilization, in every culture, in every time, some brave souls were eagerly researching the skills and esoteric knowledge by which they might procure the people and things they wanted, including relationships, financial wealth, and physical wealth. The key, to put it bluntly is imagining a different objective reality, and allowing the universe to attract it to you.

Obviously this kind of procedure appears mysterious and  strange, which is perhaps why the facts have been covered in among the cognoscenti for so many centuries.

Video: creating the relationship you deserve by manifestation

In every world, there have been wise men and women and sensitive people, explorers and hidden individuals, obsessed with to comprehension and applying the laws of creation for edge on the planet. Yet there is not anything dangerous about this. It’s wonderful human knowledge. And divine: it also seems that the Bible references manifestation, most presciently when one discovers the verse: “As a man thinketh in his heart so he is”.

Of course later workers have also wrote books on the laws of attraction, most notably Napoleon Hill, who made it his life’s work to understand manifestation.

He recorded up the facts in his incredible book “Think and Grow Rich”. This book has continued to be a classic ever since. (Can you continue to be a classic? What I mean is it sold in the millions ever since!)

Unfortunately plenty of people do not really understand the ideas that Napoleon Hill was working on in Think and Grow Rich. That being said, he did explore all the philosophies which are mandatory to successfully manifest any kind of reality no matter whether you want a relationship to make your heart sing with joy, monetary success, romantic success, artistic success, or any other object.


Every author’s finished work on the theme has a key element to explain manifestation: and that is to get an extremely clear goal and to visualize yourself as if you currently have that situation in your life as it is at the moment. By picturing the future, you can amend the present!

Detail is vital, because when you visualize a detailed picture, you can create a fervent emotional energy which helps you achieve a specific objective.  We are meant to be in relationship, it is a natural state of being, and the laws of attraction creation will help you more easily to achieve relationship than they will to achieve financial wealth, in my opinion.

Having said that, you still need the powerful motivation, the fervent desire, and the absolute belief or faith about the chance of you attaining your objective are both essential for it to show in your world. In terms of getting great relationship by creating or attracting it to you in your current situation, the essence must be to figure out what it is that makes your heart sing (metaphorically speaking), and then set out to achieve that aim. It can help you enormously if you get an mastermind group who can be supportive of you while you’re reaching to attain your wanted outcome.

This is because a group of minds working jointly generates force hundreds of times greater than you would expectfrom a collection of individuals working together. Still, that’s it: the mystery of the mastermind group is the fact that it manifests an dynamic energy which harnesses into the Universal Laws of Creation to assist you establish your goal.

One essential element that Hill emphasized many times in Think and Grow Rich was the need to have unquestioning faith in the likelihood of achieving your perfect relationship or financial wealth, as the case may be.

In other words, if you see any doubts whatsoever, or should you not believe that you may attain your goal, the likelihood of it making manifesting your world is extremely small.

Exciting new information about Capture His Heart

Folks, it’s official!

clairecasey mikefioreThe best selling relationship advice of 2014 is Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever! 

See the pictures of the authors – Mike Fiore and Clare Casey to the right >>

And no wonder, because it contains all the information that women need to establish great relationship with a man, ensure that he stays interested after that initial period of exciting romantic sex is over, and indeed offers the greatest chance of long-term relationship that ends in marriage.

Truly, there can be very that few other Internet programs on dating and relationships which are as accurate, poignant, and to the point as this one.

I made the observation below that Claire Casey and Mike Fiore are two of our most distinguished authors in the fields of relationships and sexual advice, and so they are — but this time they have exceeded even the high expectations that we had after Text Your Ex Back was published!

Capture His Heart is simply the most successful relationship advice for women that I’ve ever seen. Claire Casey is a very shrewd individual who knows the motivations of women looking for a relationship inside out, and Michael Fiore is a very shrewd Internet marketer who knows how to bring this information to a wider public.

of their romantic relationships, the quality of their emotional communication, and the degree of intimacy that supports their relationship.

So, as you will by now have gathered, I am a real fan of this program, but to represent real value for money, there needs to be some scientific proof of the principles that are outlined in it.

The problem is, of course, the scientific research on something as vague as the concepts and ideas that bring people together is not common. I have, however, found the following information that broadly supports the information and principles set out in capture his heart and making a man love you forever.

It turns out that among 68 couples who met by means of the Internet, the predominant features that predicated a successful outcome to the meeting, where the relationship was successful and continue to sometime after the meeting were as follows:

First of all, was the meeting place, where a couple met online

Second, the obstacles overcome by the couples, such as distance and previous relationships

Third, The next factor was the most important, it was the amount of time spent writing or talking to each other before they actually met together in the real world because this predicated how intimate they became afterwards

Fourth, The couple’s ability to successfully resolve conflict by means of communication was the fourth critical factor in establishing a successful relationship.

It transpires that people are met in places with common interests, spent a long time talking and discussing issues of interest before meeting, who were able to meet successfully and easily, and who had good conflict resolution skills were want to establish the most successful relationships.

So no mystery or surprise then that these are the factors that actually account for the great success of relationships formed from couples meeting by means of capture his heart and make him love you forever!

Capture his heart — the best dating advice for women

Now could it really be true that capture his heart is genuinely the best dating advice available for women?

Well possibly, but I think the best way for you to decide that is to have a look at my website, which you can find here — relationship advice for women — and decide for yourself whether or not you want to buy the program.

Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever is a dating advice program written by a gentleman called Michael Fiore and a woman called Claire Casey (see her picture to the left), both of whom are formidable experts in the field of dating and relationship improvement programs on the Internet.

Where capture his heart and making him love you forever scores highly is that it is not only an original program, but that it is practical and easily applied to almost any situation in which you find yourself.

You see, Mike Fiore and Claire Casey have taken information that is generally not available to people entering a relationship, and have made it is freely available to everyone by means of their imaginative and creative work on the Internet.

So, for example, if you are a woman seeking to enter into relationship with a man, you may be delighted to learn that, among other things, capture his heart includes information on male behavior, male needs, male aspirations, and male behavior patterns. For women who have previously found men to be a total mystery both in and out of relationships, this may come as a huge relief!

You see, we all lack the basic information that we need to successfully establish relationships and work together in building trust and intimacy in a relationship that could last a lifetime.

Without help, it’s almost certain that capturing his heart, as the romantic novels might put it, could be a difficult if not downright impossible challenge, filled with misunderstandings, mutual doubt, and an eventual breakdown of trust.

When you have a guy who can take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to be doing to increase your chances of successfully establishing a relationship with a man, the whole thing becomes much simpler and easier.

Instead of being a difficult trial and tribulation, building a relationship becomes a joyous experience which both people can enjoy to the full, and within the framework of which both people can grow and explore their full potential.

Now I know this sounds like a promising a great deal from an Internet program, but I want to reassure you that capture his heart and making love you forever has been proven by many hundreds of thousands of happy women, who have testified online to the success of this program, and the happiness that it has brought them, simply by providing dating advice and relationship advice that they need to establish intimate connection with a man.

My own website provides you with information about the contents of the program, and although it calls itself a review site, it’s not so much a review site as early description of what is available to you if you buy capture his heart.

The reason that I’ve done it like this is so that you are not swayed by reviews which are little more than an untrustworthy collection of positivity about a particular program. By providing you with information about what is actually in the program, I empower you to make your own decision as to whether or not you wish to buy.


Looking for a relationship? How about capturing his heart?

Looking for a relationship? How about texting him to see if he’s your man?

Among all the the information available on the Internet about relationships, there is comparatively little information about the best way to sustain a relationship, once you’ve actually met someone.The reason for this is probably that most of us are concerned with the initial stage of actually how to meet somebody. And yet when you think about it, this is the least difficult of all aspects of conducting a successful relationship.

Building trust, establishing intimacy, learning to get along with somebody else in a way that doesn’t activate your Emotional Wounds so that you get into conflict difficulty with your partner — all of these things are the more difficult aspect of sustaining an intimate physical and/or sexual relationship.


So where is information going to come from unless you have some kind of counselor or therapist who can advise you on this stuff? The answer of course, as you may have guessed, is from the Internet.

Although, as I have stated, there is a shortage of information that is reliable and trustworthy about the mechanics of sustaining a relationship, the fact is that if you look hard enough you will find good dating advice and relationship advice freely available,

So in among the quality dating tips for women, I have found a program called Text Your Ex Back, which has been written by a couple of people that are well-known on Internet dating and relationship advice sites: Michael Fiore and Claire Casey.

You can find out a lot more about keeping your relationship going by texting if you search for either text your ex back or text the romance back or texting to love.

I would like to think, however, that I can save you the difficulty of searching for reliable information about this dating and relationship advice program, by simply referring you to one of my own sites which describes in detail what you will find in this program called Text Your Ex Back – relationship advice for women.

However, to give you the low-down, what you’ll find is information that explains in terms that women can understand the basic aspects of male behavior, including what drives their interest in a relationship, what motivates them to pursue a woman, what excites them in a woman, and what they conclude about certain aspects of female behavior such as having sex on the first date, or being the first person in a relationship to say “I love you.”

It’s a truism, I think, that men and women behave differently, and that perhaps neither sex fully understands the other. As part of a coming together in relationship, essential information about the behavior, thoughts, and feelings of the other sex can greatly enhance the chances of success of a relationship succeeding over the long-term, as opposed to simply providing a flush of using a stick excitement in the initial weeks and months.

It’s for this reason that of all of the programs available on the Internet, I thoroughly recommend Text Your Ex Back as the one most likely to sustain a successful relationship. I thoroughly recommend it to you for this reason alone: that Mike Fiore and Claire Casey are relationship experts who can provide you with the answers to questions that will inevitably come up for you as you enter into an intimate relationship with another person.


This may sound remarkable, but one of the extraordinary developments in dating advice that has appeared on the Internet in recent years is a program that is designed to help you restore your relationship with your ex-boyfriend a girlfriend by text messaging.

It’s called, unsurprisingly, text your ex back, and it’s written by a gentleman called Michael Fiore who is responsible for some of the most widely known Internet relationship dating and advice programs.

His co-author is called Claire Caisey, And she has provided an insight into feminine motivation and behaviour which has allowed the pair of them to write the useful, practical, and most importantly realistic manual designed to re-establish relationships after a breakup.

Now you may think that it’s quite unbelievable to suggest that a good way of getting back together with an ex-partner is to use text messaging.

However text your ex back is a not as banal and simplistic as you might think. To start with is based on a system of re-establishing communication which depends on good, well-established principles of transactional analysis psychology. That is to say, you communicate from your adult, without the emotional overlays of the child or parent ego states.

By doing this, a couple can establish reasonable communication do not have an emotional overtone, resulting from the activation of their emotional wounds and issues — that’s what we commonly call emotional baggage.

And it’s emotional baggage that gets in the way of intimacy and trust when a relationship breaks down. It follows, therefore, that if you can communicate in a way that avoids triggering emotional issues from the past, and also avoids looking into emotional baggage that either partner may be carrying, then you can probably start to re-establish trust and communication.

And once trust and communication re-establish, you can begin to re-establish intimacy. For intimacy is the measure of all successful relationships, and is the essence of two people feeling loving and connected.

Although intimacy is a valuable commodity, it disappears more easily than any other aspect of relationship when trust is betrayed. So building trust by using unemotional text messages can be a very constructive strategy.

The interesting thing is that text your ex back also works to give added zing and energy to a relationship that has begun to become stale through familiarity and lack of inspiration.

So text your ex back is a program that not only seems to work to restore relationship between ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriend, but also allows couples in an existing relationship to text each other in such a way that they intimacy and connection develops to new levels.

Faced with a program that can do all of these things, why would you not give it a try?! Seriously, I’ve reviewed it from my counseling perspective, and I can tell you that it’s a really well-written and constructive program based on sound psychological principles of intimacy that counselors use when talking to people whose relationship has broken up.

If you are in difficulties, either because your relationship is broken up and you decide you’ve made a mistake and you want to be restored, or perhaps because your relationship doesn’t contain the same excitement and thrill that it once did, I highly recommend that you least have a look at text your ex back, because you may find that it’s program that exceeds your expectations and allows you to rebuild intimacy.